Мы работаем круглый год!

The cozy, yet extremely comfortable hotel Sun Resort in Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region is located on the first line of the Berdyansk Spit, which is the Sea of Azov. Its location is good by the fact that it is surrounded by many unique estuaries with healing mud, practically in no way inferior to their counterparts from the Dead Sea. Their healing power experienced the many citizens of our country, in a relatively short period significantly improved their health.

Increasingly, choose rest on the Azov Sea foreigners. They are attracted by affordable prices, excellent infrastructure, the presence of a large number of attractions, and the hotel - comfortable accommodation, a decent level of service and wide range of services.

Come to the hotel on the Sea of Azov and couples with a long life together, and had just started its journey the couple. And for those and for others the surroundings perfectly suited. Romantic sunsets and sunrises, endless expanse of the sky merges with the boundless expanse of the sea, the cries of gulls over water evoke the older generation light bright sadness of a time long gone youth. But the young, on the contrary, the feeling of swimming in the immensity of space, not only the water but also the seeming infinity of such a wonderful life.

Conditions and services

The hotel staff is attentive and courteous: it surrounds its guests with a truly home with warmth and care. Rooms are cleaned daily and are served 24 hours a day. Their price includes a continental breakfast, provided by one of the hotel's two restaurants. Together with three bars, they make sure that the guests did not feel neither hunger nor thirst.

The hotel organizes excursions for those wishing to Berdyansk lighthouse, the Dolphinarium and the Zoo "Safari". This is not enough water rides on the hotel's beach, will be able to visit the local water park "Cape of Good Hope." They like to visit the city walking on the local waterfront and the central avenue of Berdyansk with their awesome original monuments.

Those who are not satisfied with the Sea of Azov, a sauna, a large swimming pool for adults and small - for children. In between bathing kids can play in the children's room or at the well-equipped for this special site. The problems of your figure will experienced trainer to the fitness room and the exterior in order to bring help to the staff of a beauty salon. Arrange "postirushku" can be in the local laundry, and personal car has a well-equipped park.